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Find out how I went from corporate career with multiple properties to nomad traveling the world, total possessions in tow in a suitcase, learning to dance in the rain along the way.



Dancing and Traveling require taking new steps, making connections, and learning flexibility.

These guides share strategies learned from my years of nomad travel experience. Follow them to skip the painful trial and error I went through and jump right to successful adventures without the not so successful “unexpected” ones!


The nomad life sounds fun and glamorous. It can be and often is. But this lifestyle does come with its challenges. A solo traveler like me, especially needs to follow some guidelines and make connections before and during travel from one place to the next. As with dancing, it’s all about connections.


You Can Do It

Even with careful planning, crossing all your T’s and dotting all your I’s, stumbling blocks can be thrown in front of you. Successful travelers not only plan carefully, but know how to react, regroup, and re-plan, how to be flexible  when those careful plans fall apart.


Dance, Even if 

I’ve been traveling, and dancing, all around the world for years, following the philosophy Dance, Even if you have to Warn People to get out of the Way First. Go for your dream of travel, find adventures and learn about how others “dance”, or live. Use the interactive map to see where I’ve been and to read my stories from different countries.


See where in the world I’ve been dancing & exploring.

Find stories of my adventures on the map. I hope they will inspire, enlighten, and entertain you.

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